Applesauce Tears Pastoral LP

Applesauce Tears - Pastoral

Catalogue Number: BC-AT400

These songs were written in the spring and summer with a certain amount of hopefulness. They were then recorded in the autumn and winter with a certain amount of uncertainty and dread.

Applesauce Tears:

Craig Bennett ,Odette Chartier, Kid Barrington, Tandy Lewis, M. McMick, and Sondra Hoode

All songs written and produced by Craig Bennett and performed by Applesauce Tears at Snack Cakes! Atlanta, Ga. 2016-2017

Mastered by Jason NeSmith

at Chase Park Transduction Studios, Athens, Ga.

Artwork and design by a NATION of

All material published by Mood Management Music, BMI
© 2018 Black Cottage Records

Release date:  January 30, 2018

Cinematic Indie Psych-rock

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