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Applesauce Tears


Black Cottage Records have released another ambitious album from the relentless instrumentalists Applesauce Tears. Their latest LP, Encounters, continues their pursuit of melody via throwback sounds and unpredictable arrangements. Upbeat at times, with pockets of timidity, their wobbly keyboards call and respond with uncertainty. A sudden 60s inspired garage band thrashes about here and there as well, yet with tunes full of their usual cacophony. Available on vinyl, digipak compact disc, as download or stream. 

Applesauce Tears Encounters
Applesauce Tears Encounters

Beauty and the Bot
The Flower Ouch Hour
Unmoor the Moonchild
The Time Darling
A Revival of Sorts


The Docks at Bootle
Caramel Coated Go Go
In Love with a Street Tough
Puff the Star Stuff

Applesauce Tears Encounters Vinyl Vinyl
Applesauce Tears Encounters Vinyl

Applesauce Tears Encounters LP black vinyl $25 (includes shipping)

Applesauce Tears Encounters LP Digipak CD $14 (includes shipping)

CD / Digital / Stream
1. Beauty and the Bot
2. The Flower Ouch Hour
3. Unmoor the Moonchild
4. The Time Darling
5. A Revival of Sorts
6. The Docks at Bootle
7. Caramel Coated Go Go
8. Three Sweets *
9. In Love with a Street Tough
10. Puff the Star Stuff

*Digital, Stream and Compact Disc Bonus

Applesauce Tears Encounters CD
AT ENC Single Med.jpeg

All songs written and produced by Craig Bennett and performed by Applesauce Tears. Recorded 2022-2023 at Snack Cakes, Atlanta, Ga. Mastered by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, Ga. ©2024 Black Cottage Records

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