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Black Cottage Records

Visit our friends at Black Cottage.


Follow us over there if you are so inspired:


Purchase high quality downloads and physical copies of our albums from Bandcamp.  One may listen to entire albums at Bandcamp as well. Follow us there.

iTunes and Apple Music

As long as iTunes exists we'll be there. And Apple Music too.

While at why not throw Applesauce Tears into your shopping cart at the last minute?


Visit us at YouTube... seeing is believing.


Yeah, we loath Facebook... but we're there too...

Twitter / X

For some reason we're on Twitter...whether you are a bot or not... connect with us there if you'd like.


We finally decided to set up on Instagram ... for those moments when Twitter and Facebook just aren't enough. So connect with us there if you'd like.

Cinematic Indie Psych-rock

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