does anyone ever really know anyone ?

No. Formed in Athens, Georgia, this collection of talented/ unemployable friends and acquaintances began playing instrumental music together under the name Applesauce Tears.


A move to Atlanta, Ga. brought a certain amount of clarity as the group took shape and began producing their brand of instrumental psychedelic, atmospheric, and cinematic soundtracks.


Though considering themselves Luddites on a digitally-maintained payroll, these sound collagist drop-outs found themselves yearning for an internet presence - thus this website and it's many links.


Over the years their albums have charted nationally on college, community and independent radio across the US and Canada Often, the band has been featured as artist of the day or week to astound (or perplex!)

Their influences include dentist office jazz, 1970s AM gold, summer as it turns to autumn, and films with untidy endings. And whether evident, a devotion to Ennio Morricone is always present.

Some have dared (often behind closed doors) to mention Applesauce Tears in the same breath (or gasp) as Brian Eno, Boards Of Canada, and Burt Bacharach. While they sometimes flirt with early Roxy Music, they continue to be compared to Todd Rundgren's weirder moments and inevitably, someone, upon hearing the band in an adjacent room, will say beneath their breath, "Pink Floyd?"


Craig Bennett  - electric guitar, various keyboards, bass and found sounds

Odette Chartier - keyboards, percussion and occasional strings

Kid Barrington - acoustic guitar, additional bass

Sondra Hoode - percussion, voice and occasional strings

M. McMick - drums and percussion

Tandy Lewis - flute, percussion and keyboard (the one with the stuck F#)

Blake Street - if and when horns appear